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PBP 2015 - a long read/road

Paris Brest Paris 2015

The 1200 km (745 miles) Paris-Brest-Paris brevet is held every four years and is the oldest, continuously run bicycle event in the world. It attracts riders from all over the world. In 2015 there were approximately 6,000 starters. About 2,700 came from France and 500 from each of Germany, Japan and the USA. Roughly sixty five countries were represented, including Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and India. In August 2015 I was one of the riders from the USA and it was my first PBP.

A brevet is a long distance ride and is a hybrid between cyclo-tourism and racing. There are no winners or losers, no ranking points, and no cash prizes, but finish times are posted and time limits are imposed.

Another important aspect of riding a brevet, or the sport of randoneuring, is self-sufficiency. A rider is expected to carry what they need - tools, spare parts, food, clothing, batteries, etc. Support cars are allowed but only at the periodic checkpoints, or controls, not along the course. On brevets longer than 600kms, drop bags are also typically offered by the organizer. If you have a mechanical problem or for any…

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I’ll admit it, I rode Paris-Brest-Paris because I was supposed to. I rode PBP because to really be a randonneur you have to do PBP at least once. However, since starting randonneuring in 2007, I’ve told lots of other riders that PBP looks ok, but I’m really more interested in London-Edinburgh-London or Boston-Montreal-Boston. Now that I have finished P-B-P, I’ll admit I might have been wrong.…

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Michele's First GLR Ride: Mineral Point Hill Festival 400k- June 2010

I really thought I had seen everything when I signed up for the Great Lakes Randonneurs 400K on June 5.
I was wrong!

It started in Delevan, Wisconsin on a grey day with a perfect temperature of about 65 degrees.  I hadn't ridden with this group before and was by myself so I figured I would ride the whole thing alone.  The chance of rain that day had dropped to "30% starting after 2:00 pm".  There were 28 riders at the start, which is quite a lot for a 400k so early.…

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