At the start

On the morning of the ride, find the ride organizer to check in.

If you pre-registered...

  • Pick up your brevet card (pre-printed) and cue sheet
  • Sign the final waiver/check in sheet
  • Have your bike inspection (if needed)


If you did not pre-register...

  • Come to this site and register, there will be a laptop available or you can use your phone/tablet/Super 8 PC.  The only difference is that you will be paying $5-7 more.
  • Pick up your brevet card and cue sheet - we will fill in your name
  • Sign the final waiver/check in sheet
  • Have your bike inspection (if needed)


During the ride ... 

GLR operates under the auspices of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and all riders are expected to follow the rules of conduct: RUSA Rules for Riders.  Failure to follow any of these rules is grounds for disqualification.


After the ride ...

  •  Turn your card in at the front desk of the Super 8 in the card box.
  •  Rejoice!  You are done


If you are unable to finish ...

CALL THE RBA!!!!  If you do not, we will track you down, call your emergency contact, etc.

Put your brevet card in the box even if you don't finish.  But take heart, you probably learned many things that will allow you to succeed the next time.  It's the ride that is important, not the finish.


The Minimum

There are many preparation lists for riding brevets to be found - most focus on completeness.  The following are the MIMIMUM elements necessary to be successful on a GLR ride.  Every single one of these items has been forgotten at least once with disasterous results:

  • The bike - yes, it can be forgotten!
  • Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Reflective Gear
  • Cycling Shorts 



Most GLR rides start at Super 8 Motel, 518 Borg Road, Delavan, WI.  

To reduce congestion, riders not staying at the Super 8 motel have been asked to park across the street in the shopping center lot on the east side of Borg Rd. 


Lodging in Delavan

Hotels in the Delavan area are often filled. Riders wishing to stay at our host motel, the Super 8, should make reservations well in advance @ 262-728-1700. A block of rooms has been reserved for discounted registration until thirty days before each brevet. You must indicate you are with GLR to receive the discount. It can not be combined with any others and is not available online. Reservations that are not cancelled at least 24 hours before check-in will be charged for one night.  Prices are increasing quickly in Delavan - we encourage you to reserve in advance.

The Comfort Suites hotel is within walking distance at 313 Bauer Parkway, Delavan, WI. 262-740-1000. Additional lodging is available in the Delevan Lake area and at nearby Lake Geneva. 

Please note that recent renovations at the Super 8 have made the rooms much nicer, but a corresponding price increase is also on the way. 

Brevet Date  Group Rate Days Reserved 2017 Cost
 April 22 - 200k  Nights of April 21-22  $68 per night plus tax
 May 3 - 200k, 300k  Nights of May 12 & 13  $68 per night plus tax
 June 3 - 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k  Nights of June 2, 3  $127.20 per night plus tax
 June 17 - 400k, 600k  Nights of June 16, 17  $127.20 per night plus tax
 August 18 - 200k, 400k, 600k  Nights of August 17, 18  $127.20 per night plus tax
 September 9 - 200k, 400k, 600k  Nights of September 8, 9  


Lodging in Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac is our newest starting point and the location for our July rides this year: The Million Meters of Milk 1000k and our Door County 600k.  Our main hotel is the Comfort Inn at 77 Holiday Ln, Fond du Lac, WI 54937. Their    number is (920) 921-4000.  We are working with them to create hotel blocks this year as we do in Delavan.  More information soon to come.



Rides are held rain or shine. Riders should bring adequate clothing and be prepared for variable weather conditions. During periods of diminished visibility riders are encouraged to take appropriate measures to enhance their visibility - these include the use of reflective clothing and supplemental lighting.

Some weather information for area around Janesville, WI is available at: 



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