Meet the Swiss Miss 400k and 600k

"New" routes join Lakes and Kettles 300k and the Jefferson/Kettle Moraine 200k - all 4 distance available in one weekend!

One of the nice things about a club that has been around for 26 years is 26 years of routes and cue sheets.  Major construction in Verona has made our existing 400k/600k routes difficult to navigate in a car, much less a bike.  In response, I finally gave up and went back to the GLR route library.  Our existing route is only one in a series of variations so for this year, we are going back to teh 2006 version, to be known now as the Swiss Miss 400k and 600k.swissmiss

The the route overlaps, it has some significant differences from the one run since 2009.  The first section is exactly the same, going from Delavan to Edgerton.  From there, the differences start...we travel almost due east for 40 miles to New Glarus, a very historical town founded by the Swiss in the 1800s and still maintaining a distinctly Swiss look (Swiss German is still spoken by some there).  It will be mile 73 and you will have been going for 40 miles by the time you hit the signature town of the ride.  Be sure to tank up!  The next 40 miles to Sauk City are both hilly and without services.  The route is due north over ridges and through valleys we usually see only on the Barneveld 300k.

IMG 0608 2Once you hit Sauk City, the road flattens for just a little in preparation for the largest climb of the day up the Baraboo Bluff.  Construction on the new highway 12 bypass is now finished and CR W is open once more.  There are several fast food options includin an A&W Root Beer as you enter Baraboo.  You may want to stop before you go to the Mobile Gas Control as the Cousins Subs has closed down and the new mexican restaurant may or may not be open.

You will also recognize the route to Lodi passing through Devil's Lake State Park, one of Wisconsin's most popular (and spectacular) parks.  Then it is across the Merrimac Ferry and on to the Kick trip at Lodi.  Here we diverge from the old route once more heading south through quiet and historic roads (including the 100 mile marker of the original Military Road) passing through Deforest and stopping at Sun Prairie (stop outside town if you want different food options, the control is at McDonalds).  The route then follows the same route as the opener for awhile through Pierceville and south down Tower Road.  I've cut a few hills out for you with an alternate route south back to Edgerton.  You will then have only 29 miles left until the big finish for the 400k and the sleep stop for the 600k in Delavan.

600k riders will spend Day 2 enjoying the Jefferson Kettle Moraine 200k route, an out and back to East Troy, Whitewater, and Jefferson through the southern part of Kettle Morraine.  You will undoubtedly be happy to enjoy Alpine Hill going in both directions, take solace in that it isn't as big as the Baraboo Bluff and Freedom Road.

This is a much hillier, but more scenic route.  Where ever possible, it takes quiet township roads.  If you are on a busier County Road, stay single file and know that the alternative had much more climbing.  I fully expect to be cursed by many between New Glarus and Sauk City.

The 400k and 600k start at 6:00am.  There will be a night before check in starting at 7:30 PM on Friday night.  Please bring your bike and reflective gear for inspection.  Please try and pre-register on this site by Wednesday night to enjoy an early bird discount and ensure that I have time to print paperwork before leaving for Delavan!

pdf The Swiss Miss 400k Cue Sheet (77 KB)

pdf The Swiss Miss 400k Controls (42 KB)

The Swiss Miss 400k RWGPS

pdf The Swiss Miss 600k Cue Sheet (86 KB)

pdf The Swiss Miss 600k Controls (46 KB)

Swiss Miss 600k RWGPS

Also running on June 3 will be a repate of our Lakes and Kettles 300k.  This route got rave reviews by everyone on May 13 and by popular demand.  If you are working your way up the distance tree, this is an excellent second step:

pdf Lakes and Kettles 300k Cue Sheet (42 KB)

pdf Lakes and Kettles 300k CONTROL (34 KB)

Lakes and Kettles 300k RWGPS

Finally, for those just starting out or needing a shorter day, the Jefferson Kettle Moraine 200k is running.  Reflective gear and lights are not required for the 200k.

pdf Jefferson Kettle Moraine 200k Cue Sheet (68 KB)

The Jefferson Kettle Moraine 200k