Congratulations Participants & Volunteers!

This past weekend was GLR's Million Meters of Milk and Door County 600k.  37 riders and 15 volunteers attended a very fun weekend centered in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Though not everyone officially finished, the most important part of any event is that everyone had fun and was safe.  Mother nature even threw the 1000k a curve ball in the form of one our midwestern thunderstorms, complete with hail.  12 states including many from both coasts were represented.

  • New Jerseymmm
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • California
  • Minnesota (if you count the RBA)

Both the 1000k and 600k both did the 400k loop up to Sturgeon Bay in Door County passing by the shores and lighthouses of Lake Michigan, the drawbridges of Sturgeon Bay and the famous Renard's Cheese Factory.  Though they were there on different days, GLR volunteers were at the turnaround for both rides with watermelon, drinks and and encouraging words.  Many thanks to Melissa Hardin, Dawn Piech, Robert Booth, Mike Welsh, Christine Welsh, Bob Hayssen and Joel Sandberg for great day 1 support.  Riders for both rides returned to "Moo Central" at the Comfort Inn for a handmade meal from our ride cheff, Rick Stafford who cooked all the hot meals.

The second day of the 1000k featured a trip to Montello and the fanciest Kwik Trip in Wisconsin.  This area is known for its large Amish community and both buggies and field work were noted by many as they dropped down to Fox Lake and Horicon.  Once in Horicon, riders looped northwest through the Kettle Moraine area featuring some great climbing and stellar views.  The second day of the 600k was in this same area.  Big thanks to Mike and Christine Welsh, Joel and Karon Sandberg, Regina Schurman, Kathy Metzker and Rick Stafford for all the work to get riders rolling at the oatmeal bar in the morning and cooling down at the evening Rando Pub.

The final day of the 1000k was a large loop around Lake Winnebago and featured Mukwa State Wildlife Area and High Cliff State Park.  Due to the time of year, nearly everyone had the opportunity to check out the view of the lake from High Cliff and the statue of Redbird.  Huge thanks to Mike and Christine Welsh, Regina Schurman, Joel Sandberg, Robert Booth, Melissa Hardin, and Karon Sandberg for keeping riders rolling across the heat of the day to the finish.

Finally, a huge thanks to the staff of the Comfort Inn in Fond du Lac who provided a great venue and didn't mind 30 people taking over their lobby for 3 days!  We hope to make this a second home.  GLR is looking to potentially host an entire series out of Fond du Lac in the future.

1000k Participants
Paul Bacho 68:56 Jon Batek 60:55
Robert Booth

Commendable Effort, did not finish

Carol Bell 65:19
Jerry Christianson Commendable Effort, did not finish Jeremy Gray 65:33
Nigel Greene 68:00 Robert Hayssen 66:53
Amber Hutt Commendable Effort, did not finish Terry Hutt Commendable Effort, did not finish
Clemmens Kyllmann 61:21 Matt Levy 65:33
Kate Marshall 62:27 John Morris 62:27
Christine Newman 68:00 Richard Rodeghier 64:53
Joel Sandberg 73:23 Greg Smith 65:19
Ron Selby Commendable Effort, did not finish George Swain 68:00
Bob Torres 64:35 Lydia Trott 70:14
Steven Trott, Jr 70:14 Victor Urvantsev 62:27
Greg Wood 65:19 Michele Brougher 67:08
600k Participants
Vickie Backman Commendable Effort, did not finish Jane Brown 35:16
Joe Brown 35:16 Brian Burke 33:01
Richard Burnside 33:01 Jennifer Danhaus 35:09
Paul Danhaus 35:09 Todd Hoskins Commmendable Effort, did not finish
Robert Newcomer 39:28 Mike Nichols 37:25
Eric Peterson 35:16    


We hope to hold this route again, but our next project will be the Great Lakes "Mac & Cheese" 1200k next year!  We hope to see all these riders back then.

For those that never got to see our official Rider Guide, here it is.

  pdf Million Meters of Milk Guidebook (2.60 MB)