GLR Routes cover territory in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  These are some of the finest cycling routes in the country.  We know you will enjoy the time you spend riding with us.  That said, we ask that you follow these guidelines in planning to ride with us.

  1. All route information is for reference only. Cue sheets, maps and GPS files should be considered preliminary and subject to change. Riders will need to follow the official route provided at registration.

  2. Roads will not be marked and riders must also be able to navigate the route from the cue sheet provided at registration. GLR does its best to insure cue sheet accuracy however rider judgment may be needed on occasion to compensate for cue sheet errors.  The official cue sheet is handed out at the start.  This allows us to ensure that any last minute changes are included.  Very late changes may also be announced.

  3. Google Maps and RidewithGPS routes show control locations and other points of interest using. The default Google Earth view has a Terrain option that replaces the road map layer with a topographical map with 40 ft. contour intervals. The Satellite view can be useful for urban route planning while Street View can be used to display panoramic images along the majority of the route.

    A word on GPS Files

    GPS is becoming more and more prevalent and GLR does maintain a club library of our routes.  However, due to the array of different devices and formats, we do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of and do not accept responsibility for errors that may be contained in these routes or in any GPS files that may exist on the web.  Our RideWithGPS club library is kept up, but we cannot guarantee that it will provide perfect turn-by-turn directions for any device.  

The Million Meters of Milk 1000k and the Door County 600k


Next Scheduled: July 7-10, 2017

The 1000k is a a ride on beautiful, scenic roads with as many rider perks as possible.  it is a series of 3 loops out of Fond du Lac so riders will return to the same place each night.  No drop sacks or limitations on what you want in your room and we will provide breakfast and after-the-ride food. Riders will be treated to Lake Michigan, historic Sturgeon Bay, Mukwa State Wildlife Refuge, Horicon Marsh, Collins Marsh, the entire 27 mile Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive, the Wolf River Scenic Waterway, High Cliff State Park and MUCH more!

The Door County 600k will use the same first 400k as the 1000k with an abbrieviated version of Day 2 in Kettle Moraine.  The 600k will start on July 8.


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Mineral Point Hill Festival Series

Series Overview
Next Scheduled  June 17, 2017, August 19, 2017

This series was the brain-child of our former treasurer, Rob M.  The 400k and the first 400k of the 600k venture a little farther west into the driftless area than any of the other series in the GLR Route library.  The 600k has over 15,000 ft of climbing, with the lion's share focused in the first 350k. Bring the local mountain goat!  The 200k, though it has a little less climbing than our Classic To Evansville, still passes through the southern most section of Kettle Moraine and has some nice climbs and rolling hills on an out-and-back to Jefferson. 

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Little Randos on the Sun Prairie

Next Scheduled April 22, 2017


This route has not been run in many years and for Opening Day of 2016, we are trying something a little different.  Those who have done other GLR rides may recognize sections but the leg out and back to Sun Prairie should be unfamiliar.

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Kettles and Lakes 300k

Route Overview
Next Scheduled May 13, 2017

May 13 Register

This brand new 300k takes riders in a short scenic dip past Lake Geneva into Illinois for the first control.  Then we head back to Wisconsin through Kettle Country past Eagle and Watertown to Juneau.  We then head southwest to Waterloo and Lake Mills (stop in Lake Mills only if you really want to).  We have a short stint on the Glacial Drumlin Trail and then wind down to Whitewater and a modified approach to Delavan.  Though this ride passes through some of the same towns as we have been to before, the routing is quite different.  While not as hilly as our Barneveld ride, the kettles do add up so climbers will not be left out.

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Barneveld Classic 300k

Route Overview
Next Scheduled May 13, 2017

June 3 Register

The 300km route is a clockwise loop through south-central Wisconsin along lightly-traveled rural roads. The first stage is identical to the 200km but the route diverges just after the first control and continues northwest to New Glarus before entering the driftless area, characterized by its abrupt hills and valleys. The route turns east a little past the halfway point in Barneveld and eventually rejoins the 200km route in Oregon for the return to Delavan. 

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Evansville Classic 200k

Route Overview
Ride Dates: May 13, 2017, Sept 9, 2017

May 13 Register     Sept 09 Register

The 200km route is a clockwise loop through south-central Wisconsin along lightly-traveled rural roads. Along the way you'll ride past dairy farms that have been the source of Wisconsin cheese for over a century. Both the Rock River and I-90 bisect the route, separating the gently rolling east half and the hillier west half.

Evansville Classic 200k Cue Sheet

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