The Million Meters of Milk 1000k and the Door County 600k


Next Scheduled: July 7-10, 2017

The 1000k is a a ride on beautiful, scenic roads with as many rider perks as possible.  it is a series of 3 loops out of Fond du Lac so riders will return to the same place each night.  No drop sacks or limitations on what you want in your room and we will provide breakfast and after-the-ride food. Riders will be treated to Lake Michigan, historic Sturgeon Bay, Mukwa State Wildlife Refuge, Horicon Marsh, Collins Marsh, the entire 27 mile Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive, the Wolf River Scenic Waterway, High Cliff State Park and MUCH more!

The Door County 600k will use the same first 400k as the 1000k with an abbrieviated version of Day 2 in Kettle Moraine.  The 600k will start on July 8.



Both rides start in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on Lake Winnebago at the Comfort Inn and takes us all over the northeastern and central parts of the state including Door County and the Kettle Morraine.  For the Million Meters of Milk, registration includes lodging for 4 nights.

For the 600k, we are not including lodging but will include food, if you plan on doing the 600k, please call the hotel at (920) 921-4000 to reserve a room WELL IN ADVANCE.  If there is not room at the Comfort Inn, there are 2 other hotels next door (Holiday Inn Express and the Holiday Inn).  

While not the driftess area, this region is not at all devoid of hills.  Those loving a verticle challenge will particularly enjoy the kettles although the biggest climb of the ride is on Day 3 up the Niagara Escarpment.  Though there are some stretches in the flats, the area is known for rollers and quiet country roads.  You will pass by the famous Renard's Cheese shop where you can feel free to grab both a sandwich and some spectacular cheese curds.